"Physical therapy with Dr. Hensley is a happy place for our pets!"

Dr. Amanda Hensley is amazing!  What distinguishes her from other Veterinarian Physical Therapists is her ability to establish a strong relationship with the pets she works with!  That enables her to develop a treatment plan specific for that particular pet versus a "cookie cutter" approach for each diagnosis.  It makes a huge difference!  Her clinic is clean, full of fun things for her patients to do, including a water treadmill, and lots of treats!
— Jane and Tom Lischwe

"Dr. Amanda Hensley has been a great partner.  Her knowledge and expertise have helped many of our patients."

Physiotherapy is a very important part in the treatment of various spinal cord injuries. Once a diagnosis is made and treatment is applied (medical or surgical), I find physiotherapy to be very valuable in improving outcome.
— Liran Tzipory, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

"Keep making the world a better place!"

Here is well-adjusted Sheldon (in the middle) with his two next-door friends Sadie and Mable. First you helped fix his leg injury with water therapy and then worked on his anxiety with acupuncture. Keep making the world a better place!
— Tracey L.

Rocky and Dr amanda during a laser treatment

Rocky and Dr amanda during a laser treatment

As a passionate dog-lover, I felt sad and frustrated as I watch my 10 ½ year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Rocky, limp painfully to go just walk a few blocks. I learned about Dr. Amanda Hensely’s work with acupuncture, laser treatment and massage therapy.  I absolutely love her philosophy that older dogs don’t have to live in pain or rely on drugs like Rimadyl.    

I was skeptical that Rocky would allow her to place needles in his skin or that it would even work. Rocky immediately fell in love with Dr. Amanda’s initial gentle and quiet approach to him. He now cries and stares out the window when I tell him she is coming. Rocky doesn’t pay much attention to other people so it was quite surprising when Rocky dove right into her lap. He doesn’t even care about the needles.

With Dr. Amanda’s great treatment plan for Rocky, we are now able to keep up with his muscle soreness and even take walks again. Even more astonishing is to watch how Dr. Amanda finds the trigger point that causes him to limp.  After the acupuncture, she really works his sore areas with the laser and massage. And he loves her massages!  Two days later, we have to try to control Rocky because he thinks he is a young dog again and runs around with the joy that I love to watch. We love that we don’t have to rely on drugs to keep him active and comfortable. My husband was completely skeptical of this treatment, but one day after Rocky was limping again after a good run he asked, “when is Dr. Amanda coming back? Rocky needs her!” We are indebted to Dr. Amanda and can’t imagine how incapacitated Rocky would be without her great treatment.
- Judy Lawten and Rocky

milo in the underwater treadmill with dr amanda

milo in the underwater treadmill with dr amanda

Dr. Amanda has treated two of our dogs, Ally & Milo.  
Ally, our favorite white lab, was 11 years old when Dr. Amanda started treating her for chronic arthritis and general stiffness.  Dr. Amanda treated her through acupuncture and laser treatment.  Ally loved seeing Dr. Amanda every week because Ally knew she was going to feel better after wards.  Dr. Amanda gave our Ally Princess another two years of very good quality of life that she wouldn't have received with just medication alone.  
Milo, a Corgi/Boxer mix, saw Dr. Amanda for a few minor arthritis issues in his joints.  He was treated through acupuncture, laser treatment and hydrotherapy/underwater treadmill.
Dr. Amanda loves and treats our dogs like they are her own dogs.  She is very thorough examining any issues, and our dogs love seeing her every time they are treated.

- Denyse G.